SSF Guidelines in the Asia-Pacific Region.

November 25, 2023 | Report | 0 Comments |

Small-scale fishers are essential for feeding the world. Still, they are not properly recognized by most governments and institutions. In a context of rising hunger and food insecurity, this cannot be accepted anymore. 

We have to invest in SSF communities through dedicated policy actions, in order to give them relief from the pressure of climate change, the fishing industry and the blue economy projects that are pushing artisanal fishers out of their waters.

How to change this scenario? The IPC Working Group on Fisheries has some proposals, based on a new People-Centred Assessment on the Implementation of the SSF Guidelines in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

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Based on the main findings of the report, the Regional Advisory Group of Asia and the Pacific (IPC) is also launching a call for signatures, open to all national, regional and global SSF organizations.

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