2019_WFFP Food Sovereignty Report for Internal Use

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Written by – Food Sovereignty Working Group of the World Forum Of Fisher People,2019

In November 2018, some WFFP members met in Thessaloniki, Greece, to take forward the GA7 resolution on Food Sovereignty. In this meeting, it was agreed that, in order to deepen the Food Sovereignty agenda in WFFP, it is necessary to establish a dialogue process. The objective of this internal report is to initiate such dialogue to provide a basis for the development of a methodological toolbox for WFFP members, through connecting the existing practices of fishing communities to Food Sovereignty, as a strategy to advance towards the common goal of providing healthy food from the people, for the people. To do so, the report briefly outlines the history of Food Sovereignty in the WFFP context, provides some initial questions about Food Sovereignty for WFFP members to consider and to help identify the next steps for the WFFP Food Sovereignty dialogue.

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