Implement the letter and spirit of the International Small-scale Fisheries guidelines – no to distorting their interpretation!

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WFFP statement on World Fisheries Day 21.11.2016

“One of our greatest victories is the endorsement of the International Small-scale Fisheries Guidelines by the Committee on Fisheries [COFI] of the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation [FAO] in 2014” – Naseegh Jaffer, the General Secretary of the WFFP.

“When we developed the International guidelines, transnational corporations did not show any commitment towards our Human Rights. Now we suddenly witness that some of the most powerful transnationals have organised themselves under what is called Sustainable Fisheries Partnership in an attempt to repackage the letters and spirit of the Small-scale Fisheries Guidelines…” – Sherry Pictou of Bear River First Nation in Canada

Read the full statement here
As a special contribution to this day, we share with you our new publication on the Human Rights Based approach and the implementation of the Small-scale fishery guidelines.

The new publication is available here



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